I am Sarah, a medical student, torn between two world. One half of me in The Netherlands where I grew up, where my family lives and where I am currently studying. The other in Australia where I spend all my holidays together with my boyfriend, a pilot, working in the beautiful Kimberley of Western Australia.

When I’m not poring myself over books, cramming my brain full of knowledge, I love to go exploring with friends, eat delicious food and run along Cable Beach at sunset.

I imagine myself to be a little of a climate activist – although up till now that mainly means bringing my keep-cup along every day and annoying the cafe workers with it, and bringing along my tote bags when doing my grocery shopping. There is always room for improvement!

When on holidays I enjoy doing the occasional baking and whenever I have time I make sure to cook up some healthy dishes. During the year that mainly consists of easy and quick student meals. During the holidays maybe something a bit more extravagant. On this page you will find some of my favourite recipes.

I hope you enjoy them! And if you do give something a try – let me know what you think.